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SRA is a Global Leader in Land Access and Resettlement

The SRA team has successfully managed hundreds of land access and resettlement projects in more than 50 countries around the world.

Our team comprises some of the most experienced and talented practitioners working in the field today

We have lived and worked all over the world, and are passionate about:

Group 687

Managing our clients' displacement impacts with fairness, creativity and pragmatism

Group 687

Working largely at site alongside our clients’ teams and other stakeholders

Group 687

Meeting international standards and best practices, and contributing to their advancement through thought leadership and innovation

Group 687

Making a difference for our clients and for the communities we work in.

Meet Our Team

Gerry Reddy

Mike Steyn

Chris Johnstone

Justin Miletti

Graeme Burt

Andrea Gutierrez

Angela Piñeros

António Matos

Calla Kingery

Celia Ruiz Miralles

Clara Robles Estévez

Elisabet Tora

Francis Barbe

Georgia Johnson

José Tovar

Manuela Thanos

María José Torres Santeli

Aldo González

Chris Antrobus

Eric Gallant

Fatima Rivera

Jerry Kalonji

Pepe Jiménez

Partner Firms

We partner with a select group of niche firms as required concerning environmental impact assessment, health impact assessment, archaeological studies and other specialist areas.

With decades of combined industry experience in Europe, Central Asia, CIS, Africa, and the Middle East, the Energies Group focuses on the design and implementation of operational sustainability/environmental, social and governance (ESG) management systems, as well as planning and delivering project-specific ESIAs.

They provide innovative, cost-effective support aimed at the integration of sustainability and ESG requirements into project planning and execution plans. Energies Group provide time-sensitive, cost-effective services for developers, investors, asset owners, contractors, suppliers, consulting companies, and regulatory agencies.

For more information visit

Avanzar is a boutique consultancy known for its forward looking and practical approach to helping the extractive sector implement complex standards such as the UNGP, Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, the IFC Performance Standards, and UNICEF’s Child’s Rights Business Principles.

Their focus is on the prevention and mitigation of negative impacts on human rights. Specific services include human rights risk assessments, participatory and online training, mitigation plans, and the development of community participatory environmental monitoring programs.

For more information visit

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