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Graeme Burt

Special Advisor

Graeme Burt is a social sustainability executive, with 25 years of experience in solving complicated problems for clients and building successful consulting practices in the resource and infrastructure development sectors.

He has helped numerous clients world-wide to manage their social risks and impacts more effectively and to build stronger, more resilient relationships with their host communities.  His specializations include:

  1. Building trust and acceptance with stakeholders around controversial development projects
  2. Managing large-scale land acquisition and resettlement programs
  3. Negotiating complex, multi-stakeholder agreements
  4. Achieving international standards for social performance in complex settings
  5. Building fit-for-purpose management systems and delivering associated training
  6. Informing capital investment decisions.

Until recently, Graeme was a Senior Partner and the Global Lead of the Social Performance Community at Environmental Resources Management (ERM). Prior to his seven years with ERM, he was a Founding and Managing Principal of rePlan Inc., helping lead the firm from its establishment in 2000 until its acquisition by and integration with ERM in 2015.

Graeme’s work has been recognized with numerous awards from industry associations, professional bodies, and the United Nations.  He is a Registered Professional Planner and a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, and has an MSc degree in Geography from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) and a BA degree in the same from McGill University (Canada).

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