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Elisabet Tora

Senior Consultant

Elisabet is a land access & resettlement, gender and human rights specialist at SRA. Trained as a political scientist and lawyer, she has extensive research and field experience, and provides clients with up-to-date social performance solutions, with a particular focus on participatory engagement practices and risk management.

Elisabet has worked for a wide variety of clients in the nature conservation, oil and gas, mining, power and energy sectors across Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Her areas of expertise include Land Access & Resettlement, Social/Gender Impact Assessment, Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental and Social Due Diligence (ESDD), Livelihood Restoration Plans and Community Investment initiatives. She has successfully led the planning and preparation, implementation, and review of numerous land access and resettlement programs, bringing a strong focus on gender and human rights throughout.

Previously, Elisabet worked as a technical researcher for UNESCO and the European Institute for the Mediterranean, focusing on women and migrant flows in the Sahel region. She has published various papers on gender social-based movements in the Middle East, and has lectured in several universities.

Elisabet speaks native Spanish, Catalan and Italian, and is fluent in French, English, and Portuguese.  She has an Master’s degree in International Affairs & Human Rights from CEI International Affairs, as a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and Institut d’Études Politiques (France), as well as Bachelor in Laws from the University of Barcelona (Spain) and University of Uppsala (Sweden).

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