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SRA is a Global Leader in Land Access and Resettlement

We help responsible organisations access land and manage displacement impacts through resettlement and livelihood restoration.

How We Work

We work collaboratively with our clients’ teams and affected communities to plan and implement resettlement and livelihood restoration programs in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We are results-oriented and hands-on, working largely at project sites alongside our clients and their stakeholders.

We apply international standards and best practices in a deeply pragmatic and locally appropriate manner.

Construction site with people and machinery

Our Services

We assist clients throughout the lifecycle of their projects in the following ways:


Project Due Diligence & Reviews

We undertake project due diligence and reviews to identify risks and impacts, assess feasibility, and provide a clear roadmap, including budgets and schedules.


Strategic Plans

We develop management strategies for specific land takes, working closely with the wider project team.  These strategies address land access, displacement, resettlement, livelihood restoration, and overall land management for life of project.


Baseline Studies

We design and implement socio-economic and physical asset baseline studies, and manage and analyse the resulting datasets.  We also undertake more targeted studies on a variety of related issues, including human rights and vulnerability .


Impact Assessment & Mitigation

We assess the impacts and risks associated with land access, and develop appropriate mitigation measures that work for those affected and our clients.


Stakeholder Engagement & Negotiations

We engage intensively with stakeholders through, for example, community negotiations, collective and household agreement-making, and grievance and conflict management.


Management Plans

We prepare detailed management plans, such as resettlement action plans, livelihood restoration plans, and land management plans.


Project Implementation

We implement management plans and help our clients access the land they need on time and on budget.


Scheduling & Budgeting

We prepare detailed schedules and budgets, integrated with overall project planning, to inform decision-making and guide implementation.


Resettlement Housing & Communities

We oversee design, permitting and development of resettlement communities, including new housing, infrastructure and facilities.


Livelihoods, Vulnerables & Related Programs

We develop and implement livelihood restoration, socio-economic development, and vulnerable assistance programmes.


Monitoring & Evaluation

We prepare and implement monitoring and evaluation programs to ensure successful implementation, including re-establishment post-displacement.  We also undertake Close-Out Audits to assess whether all impacts have been fully addressed.


Guidance & Capacity Building

We prepare guidance notes and corporate standards, and deliver training and broader capacity building programs.

Our Clients

We work with leading organisations in the mining, renewable energy, infrastructure and conservation sectors. Some examples are listed below.

Group 735
Group 736
Group 737
Group 739
Group 740
Group 738
Group 741
Group 742
Group 743
Group 744
Group 745

Our Projects

SRA’s experienced team has successfully managed hundreds of land access and resettlement projects in more than 50 countries around the world.  Below, we present a few examples.  Please contact us to request a complete Statement of Qualifications.


Mining Project, Mexico

Since 2020, SRA has led an integrated client-SRA team in undertaking assessment, planning and negotiations for the resettlement of two communities in Zacatecas, Mexico.

As part of this, SRA has supported the Client in enhancing team capacity through a 10-part webinar series, crafting a Land Access and Resettlement Framework (LARF) and Land Access and Resettlement Plan (LARP), conducting scenario trade-off studies, as well as developing detailed cost and cash flow estimates, work plans & schedules.