The SRA Land Access & Resettlement Insight Series takes a look at the key steps in the land access and resettlement process, from project assessment and planning through to negotiations and into implementation (physical resettlement, livelihoods restoration and moves) and monitoring & evaluation. We also look at important related topics including government-led resettlement, cultural heritage management, land management and benefit sharing & community investment. The series are also available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The SRA Tailings Storage Facility and Resettlement Insight Series examines the role of resettlement in relation to TSF management. The Series aims to help project proponents, mine owners, land access and resettlement practitioners, communities and other interested parties understand how displacement impacts and resettlement can be properly considered and handled within the broader context of effectively assessing and managing Tailing Storage Facility (TSF) risks and consequences to communities, be these in relation to existing or planned TSFs. The series is also available in Portuguese.

The SRA Gender Mainstreaming in Land Access & Resettlement aims to help projects take practical steps to ensure that vulnerabilities related to women and sexual and gender minorities are adequately addressed throughout the land access and resettlement stakeholder engagement, assessment, planning, implementation, and monitoring & evaluation process.

SRA is pleased to have worked with our colleagues at Anglo American to develop a joint publication on the topic of Mining, Climate Change and Land Access & Resettlement. The Insight provides a brief guide to the key considerations and practical steps mine projects and operations can take to mainstream Climate Change into their land access, displacement, and resettlement processes.

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